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About us

Think about Danang, people immediately think about a dynamic young city with the miracle development of economic but still keep it’s gentle beauty and peaceful. Where there is the color of the strip of jungle mix with the blue color of the ocean, where the sun has bathed in the tropical wind and lots of famous destinations ... All of those things make a beautiful Danang, peaceful but extremely majesty, grandeur.

Come to Da Nang, there are a lots of choices for you chose to explore the beautiful beach city, but to choose to be a modern, class, reasonable price but luxury hotel is not easy. Full convergence of all these factors, Gold Hotel Da Nang is always ready to welcome you to the beautiful city for your vacation or business trip.

Located in the city center, Gold hotel Danang is outstanding with its architectural, the harmonious combination between Asian and European style, modern and classical feather create Gold’s unique post. There are spacious and airy 45 rooms; each room has large windows so the Guest can catch the view to romantic Han river, Son Tra Peninsula and Marble Mountains. All room’ furniture is arranged in harmony, wood floor and luxury bathroom with stone tiles. The facilities and entertainment activities in accordance with the standards of an international hotel: soft bed, TV, air condition, cable TV, water heater, lighting system, hair dryer, desks... 

Located on the 11th floor of the hotel is Gold restaurant, where culinary culture converge the North - Central - South and is the ideal place to enjoy the Asian cuisine. Buffet breakfast everyday with a variety of delicious dishes, where the guest can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Han river and watching sunrise over ocean. 

Come with us, you will enjoy our truly services with our professional staffs.

Warmest greetings from Gold Hotel Da Nang!